It’s getting close to Christmas… Do you still need some ideas for what to get the lifting lady in your life?

Well, never fear! Here are some gift ideas that girls who lift will LOVE. Actually, these are really for anyone who loves to lift– but girls want gains too!

I’ve included links for most things, but many of these items can even be purchased at your local sporting goods store if you have *AHEM* waited until the very last minute to start shopping.

Help make working out even better with these thoughtful presents for girls who lift weights…

Mobility Tools

Every lifter knows that proper joint mobilization and stretching are almost as important as working out is when you want your body to perform well and feel good day-to-day…

Relaxing, special, and easy as pie! Treat her to a great sports-recovery massage from Lifelong Wellness. Bonus: the owner of Lifelong Wellness is also a woman who lifts, so she knows exactly what a body needs to recover quickly and feel amazing! You can buy gift certificates here, and use code GIFT for $10 off massages with Dana.

Foam Rollers and Lacrosse Balls
Here are some tools that everyone who should have in their mobility toolkit: a good foam roller and a lacrosse ball. You could even go above and beyond with a Rumble Roller (for a more deep-tissue experience) or a foam roller/ water bottle combo.

Gym Membership

Bootcamp coach demonstrating medball slams to a group in a gym

How about a membership to Bold & Badass Fitness to help a budding lifter find their feet?

We specialize in providing an inclusive and accessible space, and we love training folks who are new to working out too, so this makes a great gift for anyone who wants to start out somewhere safe and see what they can do. We’ll help them get started, perfect their technique, find the kind of workouts that they love doing, and just generally get ready for anything.

Just email or call 503-422-0652 to purchase gift certificates. (Please specify the member’s first and last name and a good phone number to reach you at). Arrives before Xmas!

Ask about our current gift certificate sale/ promotion too! 

Gym Gear

From pun-tastic gym tanks to speciality gear for serious lifting, these gifts will help her set personal records over and over again.

Sports Bras
You can never have too many of these! Good sports bras are hard to come by, and they are like GOLD to swole girls. We really love the bras from Handful– and they’re a local, women-owned company too! Check them out here and use code BOLDANDBADASS to get 15% off while you’re at it!

Squat Shoes
Weightlifting shoes are one of those things that can seem like an unnecessary accessory or indulgence, but they really do make a difference! Here’s a nice basic pair from Adidas, or splurge on this elegant pair from NoBull, or check out more gym shoes ideas here.

Lifting Belts
Know someone who powerlifts? They’re going to want a lifting belt to protect their back on those 1-rep maxes. Here’s a sturdy and inexpensive option, and a little nicer, lever-based model that is also competition legal. Got a little more lead time, maybe for an upcoming birthday instead of Christmas? Get her a customized lifting belt that is sure to impress!


beautiful rainbow plus sized leggings from superfit hero

Why not get her a show-stopping pair of leggings so she can lift with ease and workout more often without doing laundry? This GEOMETRIC RAINBOW pair from SuperFit Hero is fun, functional, and size-inclusive too. (They run from XS – 5XL!)

Knee Sleeves
Perfect for folks who love to squat, but need a little compression and support when they do it. Check out these fun patterns too: who would skip leg day if they got to wear doughnuts, unicorns, or pineapples on their knees?!

Gym Tanks
If all else fails, try searching “girls who lift” on Etsy– there are hundreds of smartass gym tanks out there waiting to be sweated on!

Kitchen and Meal Prep Tools

Everyone needs to eat, and these tools will make it just a little easier to have tasty food on hand all the time…

Meal Delivery Service
Nothing says “stress-free” like having someone else cook for you! Sterling Meal Prep makes delicious, healthy, affordable meals that they deliver right to your door. Grab a gift certificate here, and use the code Bold10 to get 10% off too!

Food Storage
Having a nice set of glass food storage containers is a game-changer for anyone who packs lunches for work or school. Bonus: it never hurts to have a water bottle at the gym, especially a versatile one like the Blender Bottle that makes it easy to mix in protein powder or BCAAs to help build strong muscles (while avoiding lumpy beverages)! You could even throw in these supplement containers to round out the package…

Kitchen Tools
People never stop talking about the Instant Pot, and with good reason. It really does make a ton of food fast. Kitchen shears are my other favorite kitchen hack– they make a nice stocking-stuffer too!

Emily is the owner of Bold & Badass Fitness, as well as one of the gym's coaches. She is passionate about social justice, powerlifting, science-fiction, and her chirpy calico cat, Koshka.

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