Join us for another run of our incredibly popular Strength Challenge!

 Get 8 weeks of  rock solid core strength workouts
to get stronger, leaner, and feel amazing!

What’s Included?


8 weeks of unlimited workouts

You’ll have access to our full schedule of strength and conditioning, bootcamp, and “Power Hour” workouts at our physical location.

Powerlifting programming plug-in

Special programming you can do during Power Hour (for both the challenge workouts AND powerlifting competition).


Group Orientation

We’ll kick off the challenge with a group orientation to set you up with all the info you need to succeed. Includes a full introduction to the Turkish Get-up so you can track your strength and fitness gains over the next 8 weeks.


Extra support and accountability for the new year

Step-by-step guidance on choosing and defining realistic goals that inspire you!

Access to our private Facebook group

You’ll get access to everything in our private Facebook group, including weekly motivation exercises, travel workouts, group Q&A, and mutual support from our amazing community of badasses.

Wrap-up Party

We’ll wrap up the challenge by testing our progress on the Turkish Get-up and celebrating everyone’s success!


Win Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the person with the heaviest Turkish Get-up, and to the person who completes the fastest Turkish Get-up while balancing a cup of water on their hand. It’s going to be a fun day!

We make fitness approachable, inclusive, and fun

As Portland’s premier body-positive gym, we’re here to help you take control of your health and fitness without EVER using shame as a motivation. At Bold & Badass Fitness you’ll never hear BS like “No Pain, No Gain.” Or “You’ve gotta work harder than that to burn off those extra weekend calories!” There’s no judgement here: just an uplifting community that makes it easy to get the results that matter to you. We respect your body and your goals. We know that joining a gym can be pretty scary, especially if you’re new, recovering from an injury, or if you just haven’t worked out in a long time. That’s why having compassionate coaches and a welcoming fitness community is so important. So don’t worry, you wont have to spend any more time feeling confused and frustrated trying to figure out what really works. We want you to succeed in creating sustainable healthy habits, so our expert coaches will be there to help you every step of the way. All you have to do is show up and we’ll show you what to do!

What’s it like working out at Bold & Badass?

Take the next step towards the
results you’re looking for



Our coaches are trained to teach a broad-minded view of success. We will help you find something to feel excited about each time you visit.


Build confidence in your body and your abilities, no matter your size or experience level.


Interval training workouts make sure you get a great workout that’s both time-efficient and fun.


Build the strength you need to confidently keep up and have fun when you’re doing physical activities with your friends and loved ones.


Make fitness-minded friends in our supportive, feminist, queer-friendly community.


Small classes capped at 15 people ensure you get the personal attention you need to make progress on your goals and prevent injuries.


How do I WIN the Challenge?

That’s the best part! We’ll be awarding prizes for 2 categories:

Heaviest Turkish-Getup

The person who can complete a Turkish-Getup with the heavest kettlebell at the end of the Challenge

Fastest Turkish-Getup

The person who can do the fastest Get-up while balancing a half-full cup of water on their hand!

We do not award the winners based on who loses the most weight, lifts the most weight, or who “looks the best”. At B&B, we know that you can’t always tell how healthy someone is just by looking at them or by what they weigh, so we created this challenge to instead honor the habits that create healthy, happy people—regular exercise and engagement with a supportive and empowering community. That’s it!

Hurry! Only 2 spots left!

Programs like this regularly go for over $600, but you won’t pay even close to that here. With our challenge you’ll get 8 weeks of workouts, mindset and habit coaching, and prizes…

All for just two installments of: 


Let’s take this to the next level!

Here’s what our members are saying about us

Emily is fun and professional. The community is accepting and open. A “come as you are” place that makes you happy to be there. I highly recommend this gym, Emily as a trainer, and all the people you get to meet along the way. Lorraine

Emily is an incredible motivator and an kind coach—she’s thoughtful, prioritizes weight lifting safely and encourages her clients to challenge themselves to lift to new heights. Bold and Badass is a great community and a safe space for people of all backgrounds, gender affiliations, and races. Freda

Working with Emily has been awesome. She makes it fun and pushes me when she knows I’m capable of more and shares in my successes when I accomplish something big (or new). I highly recommend her. Who would have thought that getting up so early and sweating so much would be this fun! Charlene

Approachable but challenging workouts with trainers that really know their stuff, and encourage instead of pressure you to exceed your own expectations. Always a positive experience, and always a lot of fun. I would recommend this program to anyone. Amy

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