At the Bold & Badass Launch Party on October 17th we raised nearly $200 for the Portland Women’s Crisis Line!

But I think we can do EVEN BETTER than that.

Sign up for any fitness or self-defense package before November 1st and you’ll get 50% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH of training and I will donate 100% of the proceeds from your first month to the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. 

PWCL provides a 24/7 crisis line and does domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy. My goal is to send them a check for at least $1,000. Will you help me?


Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just plain feel great, I can help! And now is the perfect time to solidify your commitment to fitness before the winter holidays roll in…

Just fill out the form below to schedule a consultation. We’ll have a quick chat about your particular fitness goals and what kind of movement your body needs to feel awesome. Then we’ll set up a training schedule that’s easy for you to stick to. That’s all there is to it!

Thank you, again for helping to support this kickass organization. It’s so exciting to see all the good that we can do together!!

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Tell me a little about your badass self and what you’re looking for! Also, please indicate your availability for a quick consultation.

PS. Do you know someone else who would enjoy or benefit from this kind of training? This is also a great time to refer a friend, neighbor, or colleague who wants to feel BOLD & BADASS, too.

Emily is the owner of Bold & Badass Fitness, as well as one of the gym's coaches. She is passionate about social justice, powerlifting, science-fiction, and her chirpy calico cat, Koshka.

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