Don’t Be Fooled: There Are All Kinds of Athletic Bodies

I tell my athletes this all the time: our culture privileges a very particular body type in many conventional athletic activities. But just because your body isn’t built for running or yoga or sit-ups DOES NOT mean that it’s not an athletic body…

“If there’s a movement that doesn’t work for your body, it doesn’t mean your body is wrong. Athletic rules, which were created for people who look nothing like us, they don’t always apply.”

And this is especially true for bigger bodies! Mass moves mass! Bigger bodies are very often stronger than smaller bodies. Short folks will find strength sports like powerlifting much easier than longer-limbed folks will because the less distance you have to move a weight, the easier it is.

Whatever your body looks like–short, tall, fat, thin, muscular or not– there is a type of movement that your body as it is right now is best adapted for! Find the one that is right for you and you will feel great.

Delicious Make-Ahead Paleo Porridge

About this paleo breakfast porridge: it's easy, it's filling, and it's tasty as hell. Oh yeah, and it's waaaaaay better tasting than regular oatmeal or porridge because the flax meal gives it a warm, nutty flavor. This recipe is also vegan, gluten-free, and paleo. It...

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Why BMI is BS

This is why BMI is BULLSHIT. Your BMI (body mass index) is just a ratio of your height and weight. Your BMI doesn't indicate your body composition (see photo)...nor does it show your health/ dedication/ work ethic/ value (not pictured, because none of these things can...

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Support your local lifters

Come support your local team of badass amateur powerlifters this weekend at the 2017 USA Powerlifting Oregon State Championships! Oh... so Bold & Badass Fitness has an all-female amateur powerlifting team? You're damn right we do! And you can cheer on your teammates...

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Snow Day Workout #2

Well, we've seen snow, slush, ice, and there's freezing rain in the forecast. If you've been stuck inside for most of the last week and are getting a bit stir crazy, why not try this indoor AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) workout. Getting your heart rate up is not...

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Snow Day Workout

It’s true: Portland shuts down completely when it snows. So let me guess, you’re stuck inside today, right?

But I know that badasses like you savor a challenge. You like to push yourself! And you and I both know that your body wont feel so great if you lay on the coach all day vegging-out and drinking hot cocoa. 

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You Can’t Fail Me

You're not failing me by not making it in for your workout. You can't let me down by missing a rep on an important exercise. I'm not disappointed in you when don't track your food, and I'm certainly not mad if you eat a whole plate of nachos while you're at a happy...

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